Value Poster Illustration



What is LiveHire

LiveHire is a productivity and collaboration enterprise software for recruitment teams, delivering an end to end, fully integrated, talent sourcing, pipelining, communication, and hiring platform.


As a Graphic Designer at LiveHire, I was recently asked to create four posters with the values of “Be Curious. Always.”, “Reach. Hire.”, “Open. Honestly.” and “Own it. Together”; The values that LiveHire strives to live by.

This poster had to symbolise what these individual values really mean and to serve as a reminder to us each and every day.
I chose space as it has the meanings of learning, future technology, and endless and continuously growing, which represents what LiveHire is all about.
The images were based on a survey we did for this project with all employees. They were asked to give one noun of what each value meant to them. Some examples of the answers the LiveHire team gave were: “climb mountains”, “space shuttle”, “explorer”, “magnifying glass”, and “open book”.  Some of the answers were quite abstract which lead me to think that combining abstract and realism was a good idea, as it gives room for imagination coupled with hand-illustrated design to give the feeling of youthfulness and fun.
Each poster has the main scene with characters, but also includes a minor scene from another poster, which shows that even though they are different posters, they are still one big universe and linked to each other. This is symbolic of us as an organisation, as each values and team member is connected in everything that we do.
A fun little addition is the idea of having animals in each poster. We’ve got lots of animal lovers at LiveHire, so why not throw them into our values?


The LiveHire value “Reach. Hire.” creates the idea that if you can’t reach the moon you can show the drive to try another way. The person riding a rocket up to touch the moon shows the creativity someone can exhibit to get that little bit farther to achieve their goals. The cat miming the person’s act of reaching exhibits how you can teach and inspire others by your focus and dedication to push that little bit farther to reach your goals. Then again, we might have just added the cat because we have a little animal obsession here at LiveHire. 


LiveHire always tries to encourage people to explore the things they find interesting; whether it’s a topic closely related to our vision or a strong passion in their day to day life. This poster works to encompass the curiosity that our team exhibits every day. The person looking into space conveys the curiosity that might lead to a dead end or potentially discovering something as exciting as a new planet. The poster furthers the idea of curiosity with the person perched on a mountain edge. The person finds the edge of the mountain as a final point in their path but discovers another way to explore further by using a telescope. 



One of the most important values when working at LiveHire is being open and honest with everyone you interact with throughout each day. The simple concept of throwing away a mask that can be seen in the poster really encapsulates how we want to approach everything we do: with an honest and transparent look. Both people are shown to throw away a mask because every interaction is a two way street. Here we see the first person encouraging and leading the second person through the open door. Neither person is being pulled further through the sides of the door, showing an equality to the honest nature of the people portrayed. 


In our everyday working lives, we are committed to sharing ideas, skills, and helping one another to be our best selves. This image is a clear depiction of LiveHire’s values because at LiveHire we metaphorically help one another to climb mountains, we have also literally helped one another do so at the LiveHire Christmas Party. It’s all about teamwork and helping each other reach a collective goal.
Posters in the office